Write a mixed number and a decimal for the shaded part

Mixed number to decimal calculator finds the decimal equivalent by converting a mixed number, fraction, integer or whole number to a decimal. How to Convert a Mixed Number to a Decimal Follow these 2 steps to convert a mixed number to a decimal:

Write a mixed number and a decimal for the shaded part

Moving Between Fractions and Decimals You see decimals every day, in lots of different places. Can you tell where each of the decimals below was found? In Investigation 1, you folded fraction strips. One of the strips you made was a tenths strip, shown on the next page.

Getting Ready for Problem 3. Look at the tenths strip. A tenths grid is also divided into ten equal parts. It resembles a tenths fraction strip, but it is square.

Below is a tenths grid that shows the fraction and its decimal equivalent represented by each section of the grid.

Writing a Decimal and a Fraction for a Shaded Region

Here are some examples of fractions represented on tenths grids. The fraction name and decimal name for the shaded part are given below each drawing. You can further divide a tenths grid by drawing horizontal lines to make ten rows.

This makes parts. This is called a hundredths grid. Fractions can also be represented on a hundredths grid.

You can write fractional parts of as decimal numbers, as in the following examples: After marking each fraction, shade that fraction on a hundredths grid like the one at the right.

Write a fraction that shows how many hundredths you shaded. Write a decimal that shows how many hundredths you shaded. Which of the fractions could be easily shown on a tenths grid or a tenths fraction strip?

Write number sentences showing equivalent fraction and decimal forms for each fraction above. Rewrite the fractions below using denominators of 10 or Then, write a decimal for each fraction.

Lin, a sixth-grader at Pleasant Valley School, won a giant fruit bar for selling the most posters in the school fundraiser. The bar is 10 inches by 10 inches and is marked into square-inch sections. Lin decides to share her fruit bar with some friends.

Describe two ways Lin could cut the bar to share it with Bailey. Describe two ways that she could cut the bar to share it with Lula. Lin gives of the bar to her little sister, Donna, who helped her sell the posters for the fundraiser. Write two decimals that represent how much of the bar Donna gets.

Lin gives of the bar to Patrick.

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Write a decimal that represents how much of the bar Patrick gets. Shade a hundredths grid to show one way that Lin could cut all of the sections to give to her friends. Who got more of the fruit bar—Bailey, Lula, Donna, or Patrick? How much of the bar was left for Lin?

Think about these questions as you look at the chart: What do you notice about the denominators of the fractions as you move to the right from the decimal point? Why are these denominators useful in writing fractions as decimals? Some fractions can be written as decimals using only the tenths place.

Some fractions, like are difficult to represent with tenths.

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For some fractions, you may need to section a grid into even more parts to represent denominators such as 1, or 10, How many parts would the new grid have?

What is its decimal name? What fraction of the grid at the right is shaded?Fractional Part of a Number HW 1A Write an improper fraction for the shaded parts. Then write each as a mixed number or a whole number.

1. Write a fraction to describe the shaded part of each model. Then write a decimal equivalent. 1.

write a mixed number and a decimal for the shaded part

2. 3.


Comparing Fractions and Decimals. Options. Printer Friendly Version; Email; Grade Levels. Choose the decimal equivalent of the shaded part. A B C D Write a number sentence that explains how the 8 people shared the pan of muffins.”. Write the fraction or mixed number and the decimal shown by the model.

1. Think: The model is divided What part of the pizzas did they eat? Write your answer as a decimal. Relate Hundredths and Decimals Chapter 9 P Sep 04,  · How to write a mixed number and an improper fraction for a shaded region. How to write a mixed number and an improper fraction for a shaded region.

Skip navigation Shaded Part . Write a mixed number and an improper fraction for each pfmlures.com a mixed number and an improper fraction for each model model. See Examples 2 and 3 Andrew’s family ate 1 _ pizzas and 3 8 Write each of these as a decimal.

4 tenths 25 tenths 68 tenths tenths 3 ones and 9 tenths 40 ones and 2 tenths Write each fraction or mixed number as a decimal.

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