Water billing system foreign literature

The Principles are a framework on which all countries can build to take effective action to prevent human trafficking in public and private sector supply chains. The Principles highlight the critical role of governments and acknowledge the necessity of strategic cooperation with civil society, survivors, and the business community.

Water billing system foreign literature

Service Service is the entity offered by the company and targeted to the customers. Each service is defined by an engineering employee as a service catalog which includes service type, name, billing policy, and its default rating profile.

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All of these attributes are described later in this article. After service ordering by the customer, it takes a unique ID which is attached with the account of the customer, provided by the provisioning system to the customer at a certain date.

Water billing system foreign literature

Account The customer account includes customer contact profile information, account type, login information, and payment method. Each customer account is linked in the system with specific services offered to this customer, and the customer will be billed depending on his usage of these services.

Customer account belongs to a specific account type, which is related to some price plans determined by discounts and promotions.

Rating One of the big issues in any billing system is how, when, and where the companies should bill their customers.

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Rating is the process of converting usage records from one form to another, like converting usage units to its cost. This process is essential in the billing process as it is the point of conversion of the service usage to revenue value to company, which is the target of telecommunication companies.

Invoices and payments Each customer in the system has an account balance, which affects any invoices requested by the customer and any payments done by the customer. Normally the invoices are generated as a result of service hosting or using, and payments are the customer payments as a result of the invoicing operation.

Invoice It is the entity generated by the billing system to inform the customer that he must pay for his service usage or ordering.

Water billing system foreign literature

Each invoice includes the customer account, date of payment, line items of the invoice, and invoice sales taxes. Invoices affect the account debits in the billing system.

The invoice contents are shown in the following figure: Payment It is the process of collecting company money from the customers and adjusting their balances through adjusting the account debits and credits. The customers receive receipts of their payments.

Receipt view is shown in the next figure. Each customer account should include its payment method to be used after generating invoices and to ask customers for payments.District cooling system (DCS) has been widely used because of its low cost and high energy efficiency.

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Excessive studies have been done on DCSs, based on either actual projects or hypothesis. ENERGY STAR® is the simple choice for energy efficiency. For more than 20 years, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has been America’s resource for saving energy and protecting the environment.

One of the big issues in any billing system is how, (Bills Management System (BMS)) for utilities like water, electricity e.t.c. I have removed the other article "Billing System Billing Process Activity Diagrams" as it was so bad, as I wrote it in only one day without any arrangement.

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