Viet nam war

For additional camouflage the cover contained small slots for inserting natural foliage. Graffiti on helmet covers was a means of expressing identity and opinion. If you choose to put your own graffiti on a helmet care should be taken to use graffiti appropriate to the period and service and also keep in mind you will be in full view of the general public, so you might want to temper it a little bit.

Viet nam war

Edit Workhorse of the U. Kramer shot down a Soviet-built Polikarpov Po-2 biplane, the only documented Skyraider air victory of the war. Marine Corps, and were normally painted in dark navy blue. It was called the "Blue Plane" by enemy troops.

As American involvement in the Vietnam War began, the A-1 Skyraider was still the medium attack aircraft in many carrier air wingsalthough it was planned to be replaced by the A-6A Intruder as part of the general switch to jet aircraft.

Skyraiders from the carriers USS Constellation and Ticonderoga participated in the first US Navy strikes against North Vietnam on 5 August as part of Operation Pierce Arrow in response to the Gulf of Tonkin Incidentstriking against fuel depots at Vinhwith one Skyraider from Ticonderoga damaged by anti-aircraft fireand a second from Constellation shot down, killing its pilot.

Johnson and Lieutenant, junior grade Charles W. In that mission, despite damage to his aircraft and suffering serious burns, he returned to his base and reported the position of a downed US airman. After Novemberall A-1s in U.

Viet nam war

Of the lost A-1s, five were shot down by surface-to-air missiles SAMsand three were shot down in air to air combat; two by North Vietnamese MiGs. Lieutenant Dunn's A-1 Skyraider was the last U.

Navy A-1 lost in the war, and he did not survive.

In Octoberto highlight the dropping of the six millionth pound of ordnance, Commander Clarence J. Stoddard of Attack Squadron 25 VAflying an A-1H, dropped a special, one-time only, object in addition to his other munitions — a toilet.

Vietnam War - HISTORY

By the VNAF had 22 of the aircraft in its inventory, [21] and byan additional aircraft had been received. Initially Navy aviators and crews were responsible for training their South Vietnamese counterparts on the aircraft, but over time, responsibility was gradually transferred to the USAF.

The initial trainees were selected from among VNAF Bearcat pilots who had accumulated to hours flying time. These were reduced during the period of Vietnamization from toas the U.Oct 29,  · The Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States.

Agent Orange

The conflict was intensified by the ongoing Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin "A Lasting Memento of the Nation's Thanks!" The Commemoration is providing Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pins to Commemorative Partners for dignified public presentations to living U.S.

military veterans who served during the Vietnam War period as . The Vietnam War (Vietnamese: Chiến tranh Việt Nam), also known as the Second Indochina War, and in Vietnam as the Resistance War Against America (Vietnamese: Kháng chiến chống Mỹ) or simply the American War, was a conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November to the fall of Saigon on 30 April The Drugs That Built a Super Soldier During the Vietnam War, the U.S.

military plied its servicemen with speed, steroids, and painkillers to help them handle extended combat. Lukasz Kamienski. View All 92, Memorials for the Vietnam War Site From to , more than 3 million Americans fought in the Vietnam War.

Nearly 60, American combatants were killed, and . Jul 01,  · Read CNN's Vietnam War Fast Facts and learn more about the conflict between communist-led North Vietnam and US-supported South Vietnam.

Laos during the Vietnam War