Types of writing careers

Comics Autobiographies Journalistic writing is also often considered a part of creative writing, especially when it comes to newspaper articles, features and op-eds. Even so, to make it in the creative writing field takes a great deal of hard work, a whole lot of spirit, and often, the willingness to take big financial risks.

Types of writing careers

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It is easy to see the writer's role in the production of a book or a newspaper, but writers are present in practically all types of scripted activities for public viewing -- be it the evening news, the morning cartoons or political speeches.

Of course, most writers find it necessary to do more than one type of writing! The art of shaping words is employed in an incredible number of job types. Academic writers are all those who write for scientific journals, university magazines etc.

The thing about academic magazines is that being published with them is considered an honour; there's no other pay for it. Aspiring writers should steer away from this type of work: Leave it to the academics.

Article writers include all the non-fiction writers who do short pieces on specific themes, topics or news items.

Travel writers, food writers, medical writers; these are all specialists on their topic and usually write for many magazines. Article writers can be freelancers or staff writers; what they have in common is the ability to write articles in a concise and crisp language.

The market for well-written articles is vast, both on and off the Internet. Experienced and highly regarded writers with a deeply specialised knowledge medicine, bleeding-edge technologies, international shipping, shares etc.

Business writers are those writers who work for the commercial business magazines and newspapers for high-income readers. It's like any other type of article writing except for strict demands to language skills and relevant business knowledge; the readers are cutting-edge professionals and the writers must be on roughly the same level -- or better.

Business writing is done both by freelancers and staff writers, but not by amateurs. Business writing is considered well paid work, and there are many markets both on and off line.

Types of Writing Careers

Columnists typically make their living by following and commenting on trends rather than news. Columns are a staple item in newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

Types of writing careers

The better class of columnists is syndicated, and their columns can appear in hundreds of newspapers. Writing a new article every week for the same column can be a challenge, though! In larger newspapers and magazines there often are staff journalists with an established name who provide the regular columns.

Copywriters are among the best-paid writers in the whole business.Discover what jobs, internships and courses you can do with a degree in creative writing. As a creative writing graduate you may work to establish yourself as a writer on a self-employed basis, either writing your own works, or writing for others in a freelance capacity.

Types of work entered in the UK. Non-fiction and academic writing – These writing careers can be quite diverse, with a variety of different writers working on different projects.

Non-fiction books may . Many careers in this field do not require the spokesperson role, but all require a heavy writing role, often with a lot of research involved. Large organizations typically have their own employees to do this; smaller companies usually rely on freelancers.

These resumes are the customer's key to be considered for very well paid and prestigious jobs, and writing them is a job for writers well-versed in the relevant business language and career coaching.

The work is, like most business writing, well paid. Creative writing careers — they’re out there!


If creative writing is your passion, then you’d probably enjoy a career in which you could spend all day (or at least most of the day) pursuing that passion. Creative writing careers — they’re out there!

Types of writing careers

If creative writing is your passion, then you’d probably enjoy a career in which you could spend all day (or at least most of the day) pursuing that passion.

Types of Writing Careers