Strategy of hilton hotel

The American company is now owned by the Blackstone Group, a multinational US private equityinvestment banking, alternate asset management and financial services corporation. The company was created by Conrad Hilton in Cisco, Texas. The headquarters were in Beverly Hills, California from till After that, the headquarters moved to Fairfax County, Virginia.

Strategy of hilton hotel

Marketing Strategy for Hotel Hilton Marketing Strategy for Hotel Hilton No Comment Marketing strategy is a term used to describe the process of evaluating every facet of a business to establish its position in the market Hill,p.

Through marketing strategy, organizations can focus and make the best use of their available resources to increase sales and outpace their rivals. Effective marketing strategy commences with the determination of the goals by which businesses project their target Fifield,p.

This calls for the involvement of all departments in an organization to make it easy for the achievement of efficiency. Ferrell and Hartlinep. The effective marketing strategies enable businesses to enhance their products to meet the needs of their customers better.

Hence, business managements must ensure their marketing strategies are customer-oriented and align with their organizational internal and external environments.

This is because the main aim of companies in developing a marketing strategy is linking with customers Paley,p. Moreover, marketing strategy defines the approaches through which business firms intend to satisfy the needs and demands of their clients Rosenbloom,p.

It also establishes and upholds connection with other stakeholders, like partners in the supply chain, shareholders, and employees. According to West, Ford, and Ibrahim,p. Therefore, an organization must develop the bigger picture of its position in the market to remain viable and have a practical competitive advantage.

The action plans should have clear objectives and outline approaches of executing them. Examples of marketing strategies could include enhancement of the business customer loyalty, introducing new offers to loyal and existing customers, reaching out to new clients, and business innovation McLeish,p.

These strategies enable a company to gain a greater penetration into the market and for increased profits. Hotel Hilton is a global chain of hotels comprising of numerous luxurious hotels, resorts and choice service hotels Hombach,p.

The hotels offer a broad range of services to customers from different market segments and pride themselves on a long history of operation since the founding in by Conrad Hilton Groucutt, Foryth, and Leadley,p. Over the years, the Hiltons have been a leading and widely recognized brand of hotels around the globe.

Business model of Hilton Hotels

Their emphasis on marketing its business and travel offers has made them become a preferred destination for travelers hence gaining a top spot globally Hombach,p.

Similarly, Hotel Hilton operates with numerous branches in the main cities all over the world. Their continued development has also seen them embrace partnerships with relevant market players such as airlines, car rental business organizations and other hospitality companies Hombach,p.

It is worth noting that the hotels operate with a customer-driven focus to get a cutting edge in the global market.

Marketing Strategy for Hotel Hilton

Hence, it is imperative that they develop an effective marketing strategy to enable them maintain top global position and stay ahead of their rivals. Research aim The goal of this proposal is to develop effective marketing strategies for the Hiltons so as to gain greater penetration in the global hotel industry.

This will ensure their continued survival and operation without which they will lose their grip in the global hotel business. Objectives Companies work with goals to guide their everyday operational activities and quantify and establish their impacts to the surrounding as they progress towards their projected target Saha,p.

Also, objectives are the platforms for evaluating performance and attainment of the organizational goals hence the specific objectives of the proposal are: To establish the effectiveness of the marketing strategies currently in use by the Hiltons.

To develop a strategy for the Hilton Hotels, that aligns them with the internal and external environments and ensures a better link with customers. To come up with a policy recommendation on how to improve their services for full customer satisfaction and differentiate them from other internationally established hotels like the Marriot and Starwood Hotels.

To develop an effective marketing plan of action which the Hiltons can adopt to help them outpace their competitors in the global hotel and hospitality industry.

To come up with a better pricing method that augers well with the price and product strategy in the United Kingdom and other places while ensuring more sales increment. To re-invent a marketing strategy for the Hilton Hotels through which they can reach out and maintain new customers. Rationale The justification for marketing strategies is indisputable as it helps establish continued links between businesses and clients Ferrell and Hartline,p.

With strategic marketing, the Hiltons can maintain their reputation and position in the global hotel industry. Therefore, the rationale of this research proposal includes but not limited to the following.

First, the proposal spells the approaches through which the Hilton Hotels can build enduring relationships with clients and guarantee their continued existence since customers are the life-blood of any business Business Case Studies, For companies to achieve customer loyalty, they must ensure customer satisfaction to make them feel better.

Shen and Huangp. Hence, the proposal will enable the Hiltons to formulate a broad range of survey methods to determine and cater to the specific needs of customers in various age groups to ensure the Hotels do not lose esteemed clients to rivals.

Moreover, the proposal will enable the Hilton Hotels to collect accurate data on the market conditions and analyze them accordingly so as to better their future operations.Pricing Strategies of Hilton Hotel; Pricing Strategies of Hilton Hotel.

Words Nov 26th, 9 Pages. Market Segmentation of Hilton Hotels Date Due Monday 25th of November , 4pm No of Words Topic Chosen The Four P's marketing strategy will be recommended, and discussed. The utilization and implementation of the SWOT analysis.

Hilton Worldwide Strategic Plan Company Profile more than 3, hotels; , rooms in 90 countries across the globe Hilton vs. Competitors Sustained Competitive Advantages. Hilton Strategy partners with leaders across Hilton to improve operational performance, understand competitive positioning, develop new product innovation, and implement growth strategies.

growth strategies, and competitive positioning across all fourteen . MARKET SEGMENTATION STRATEGY: HILTON HOTEL.

Executive Summary. The hotels industry in any part of the world operates in a delicate yet profitable environment. Since it is a service based industry, many players allocate a.

significant amount of their annual budget for purposes of marketing and general branding. Hilton hotel has a unique. Hotel Hilton is a global chain of hotels comprising of numerous luxurious hotels, resorts and choice service hotels (Hombach, , p).

The hotels offer a broad range of services to customers from different market segments and pride themselves on a long history of operation since the founding in by Conrad Hilton (Groucutt, Foryth, and.

By developing loyal customers, driving customer satisfaction, and channeling guests to Hilton properties around the world. Drive loyal, profitable guests to your property.

Strategy of hilton hotel

Once a guest enrolls in Hilton Honors, a Hilton property captures twice as many of their travel pfmlures.comon: Jones Branch Drive, McLean, , Virginia.

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