Sports role in your life

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Sports role in your life

Parental actions to protect children, marriages and families Parents, particularly fathers, need to take steps to protect the culture from its present obsession with sports. These actions could include: Reasons for parental obsession with sports The reasons why parents enable the obsession with sports in the family include: Coaches Coaches can play an important role in the overall athletic and character development of children and teenagers.

Sports role in your life

Positive, mature male coaches have been particularly helpful to the development of confidence in young males who suffer from the absence of a father in the home or from a distant or critical father. However, an obsession with winning and emotional overreactions in coaches can be very harmful.

Coaches can help with excessive and damaging focus on sports in children and teenagers today in a number of ways including: Boys who don't play sports Boys who do not play sports often experience significant peer rejection in a culture that places excessive emphasis upon athletic success as a sign of true masculinity.

These boys often have strong feelings of loneliness and sadness, few male friends, weak male confidence and resentment toward males who were insensitive to them. These boys can develop same sex attractions in an unconscious attempt to gain the male acceptance that was missing in their male peer relationships.

These males benefit from special attention from their parents, especially their fathers.

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A challenge here is that fathers tend to be confident bonding with their sons primarily through athletic activities. Many fathers often have difficulty knowing how to be close to their sons who do not show an interest in sports.

A common error fathers make with sons who lack eye hand coordination is to attempt to force them to play sports. Many boys simply lack the ability to learn the skills needed for baseball, basketball, soccer or football. Fathers can bond with such sons in a number of ways including hiking, fishing, hunting, playing chess, and walking.

They can also identify and discuss topics of interest to their sons. In addition, these boys also benefit from their fathers helping them to grow in an awareness of their special God-given gifts that is essential in building male confidence.

Fathers are often limited in their giving to boys who don't play sports for some of the following reasons: Parents can help these boys and teenagers by criticizing the prevailing cultural view that sports and the body image are the most important measures of masculinity.

They should present the traditional Western civilization opinion that healthy masculinity is the result of a daily commitment to grow in virtue so that one can develop a strong character or personality.

Males in particular need to hear from their parents that the acquisition of virtues and faith will make you much stronger in your life than the muscle building.

We have found that the health and confidence of male who don't play sports can be protected by: The role of faith can also be of benefit when appropriate in the following ways: Many of these boys can act in an impulsive, angry or even explosive manner at times as a result of their peer rejection pain of sadness and insecurity.

A number of these boys are surprised by the depth of their resentment, including at times anger with God for not giving them eye-hand coordination.9 thoughts on “ Does playing sports as a child help you become successful in life?

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Sports and the Family