Master thesis on face recognition

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Master thesis on face recognition

Given a picture of the back of a book Master thesis on face recognition with a camera phone, we could use this to extract its ISBN number. A little bit about barcodes The vast majority of packaged and mass-produced consumer goods sold have a barcode somewhere on them.

Although there are dozens of barcode systems used across a variety specialised domains, consumer products typically use either UPC-A or EAN In fact, UPC-A has been officially declared obsolete sincethough it's still widely used within the United States.

Chapter Barcode recognition

This neatly reduces our descriptive problem to one standard. As the name suggests, EAN describes a digit sequence, which is broken into four groups.

The first two digits describe the number system. This can either indicate the nationality of the manufacturer, or describe one of a few other categories, such as ISBN book identifier numbers. The next five digits are a manufacturer ID, assigned by a country's numbering authority.

The five digits that follow are a product ID, assigned by the manufacturer. Smaller manufacturers may have a longer manufacturer ID and shorter product ID, but they still add up to ten digits.

The last digit is a check digit, allowing a scanner to validate the digit string it scans. The only way in which an EAN barcode differs from a UPC-A barcode is that the latter uses a single digit to represent its number system. The system used by EAN is a little involved.

Theological Theses

We start by computing the check digit, which is the last digit of a string. The computation proceeds from the right of the string. Each successive digit is either multiplied by three or left alone the cycle function repeats its input list infinitely.

The check digit is the difference between their sum, modulo ten, and the number ten. A run of the same digits thus looks like a thicker bar. The sequence of bits in a barcode is as follows.

The leading guard sequence, encoded as A group of six digits, each seven bits wide. Another guard sequence, encoded as A group of six more digits.

The trailing guard sequence, encoded as The digits in the left and right groups have separate encodings. On the left, digits are encoded with parity bits. The parity bits encode the 13th digit of the barcode.

Master thesis on face recognition

Introducing arrays Before we continue, here are all of the imports that we will be using in the remainder of this chapter. Char digitToInt import Data. List foldl', group, sort, sortBy, tails import Data.

Maybe catMaybes, listToMaybe import Data. Ratio Ratio import Data. Word Word8 import System. Environment getArgs import qualified Data. Char8 as L import qualified Data. Map as M import Parse -- from chapter 11 The barcode encoding process can largely be table-driven, in which we use small tables of bit patterns to decide how to encode each digit.

Haskell's bread-and-butter data types, lists and tuples, are not well suited to use for tables whose elements may be accessed randomly. A list has to be traversed linearly to reach the kth element.

A tuple doesn't have this problem, but Haskell's type system makes it difficult to write a function that takes a tuple and an element offset and returns the element at that offset within the tuple. We'll explore why in the exercises below. The usual data type for constant-time random access is of course the array.Multi-camera face detection and recognition applied to people tracking Master Thesis Michalis Zervos Supervisor Professor Pascal Fua Teaching Assistant Horesh Ben Shitrit Autumn Semester January ABSTRACT This thesis describes the design and implementation of a framework that can track.

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Master Thesis IMM-Thesis Technical University of Denmark Informatics and Mathematical Modelling Face Recognition, Face Detection, Lausanne Protocol, 3D Face Re- The thesis deals with different aspects of face recognition using both the geo-.

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