Kgv better then than now essay

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Kgv better then than now essay

Mental Health Assessment Skills Essay Mental Health Assessment Skills Essay The assignment will discuss the importance of assessment in Mental Health nursing, focusing on a 54 year old lady suffering from major depression.

The Department of Health DoH, pointed out that depression is a disorder of mood and may be characterised by low mood and feelings of unhappiness, exhaustion, self blame and suicidal thoughts. A brief profile of the patient and the practice setting will be discussed. We will write a custom essay sample on Mental Health Assessment Skills Order now The good and drawbacks of the scale will be explored.

A summary of the experience of using the assessment scale will be written. Furthermore, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence NICE guidelines give emphasis to early access to assessment and treatment for people with psychological problems. An assessment is done to obtain information to create a detailed history about the patient, and to distinguish problems and to create a nursing diagnosis along with a suitable care-plan Varcarolis pp.

The DoH pointed out that it is Kgv better then than now essay to carry out an assessment because patients suffering from mental health problems may have problems with their physical wellbeing, such as poor diet.

Assessment is crucial so as to look for vital signs such as checking for urinary tract infection, temperature, weight, pulse, respiration and blood pressure Harris, It may reveal their beliefs or rituals.

Kgv better then than now essay

HoNOS was first published in and there has been on- going review of the tool to improve its validity The Royal College of Psychiatrist The tool consists of 12 items with 5-point scale which are completed by professionals within few minutes after an assessment, admissions and discharge of patients.

The scale can be grouped into 4 section of which 1 to 3 measure behaviour, 4 and 5 measures impairment, 6 to 8 measure severity of symptoms, and 9 to 12 measure social functioning. The rational for choosing this assessment tool is to broaden my experience as a student nurse and to increase an in-depth knowledge of this particular tool as it is used in this placement area and its extensive use in mental health settings.

Chichi is a 54 year old lady who is divorced with two children whom she has little contact with. She was brought in by the police under section which turned into section 3 of the mental health act Chichi has tried to commit suicide by drowning herself.

She has a long history of suicide ideation influenced by her major depression and is known to the in-patient units and community mental health team. Most medical interventions seem to have failed. Chichi was admitted early this year in acute in-patient hospital which is a 23 bedded adult ward with single en-suit rooms for male and female patients aged between years.

The service provides care for patients who are suffering from mental problems that need medium periods of in-patient care. The team is comprised of the ward matron, the manager, two deputy managers, nurses, support workers, psychiatric doctors, community mental health team and an administrator.

Williams and Wilkins pointed out that therapeutic relationship should be based on trust, reciprocated respect, expression of empathy and power sharing between the nurse and the patient.

Time was spent with the patient in order to build a good rapport. The multidisciplinary team contributed to my knowledge about the patient by sharing information in handovers, ward rounds, and review meetings where they discussed the best type of interventions, zoning and medication suitable for the patient.

Chichi did not want any members of her family to be involved. Preparation and planning of the assessment was made before the interview to encourage future progress of a working relationship.

DoH articulated that consent is an essential element in all phases of care and treatment, so verbal consent was gained from the patient and the reason why the interview was being conducted was explained to the patient.

It was explained to her that she was under no obligation to participate in this interview and it was entirely up to her.

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The mentor who was present throughout the interview process signed the consent form Appendix A. A quiet room within the ward was chosen away from the disruptive ward activities. The room was set-up in a way that would encourage good eye contact, sitting squarely, having open posture, and, a relaxed atmosphere was maintained to encourage the patient to relax and engage in the assessment process Egan The patient was offered a cup of tea and commenting on how well she was dressed made her feel relaxed.

The questions were asked randomly to simplify the process. Chichi was asked how she was feeling. She presented tearfully and failed to make eye contact. She mentioned that she wanted to die and the only reason stopping her was the fear of not knowing how her children would cope.

When Chichi was asked about her social life, she revealed that loosing contact with her children was one of the triggers for her depression and suicide attempts. Riley articulated that communication is the skill to convey and obtain messages. It was important to acknowledge what to ay and to choose the right time.

The patient was responsive to all the questions even though she appeared distressed. Keeping the questions short encouraged her to converse and gave incredible feed-back.Today I am a better person because of what I have learned yesterday and with this growth, I will be a better person tomorrow.

Day to day living is also day to day learning, everything I do and to everyone I interact with I have an opportunity to be enlightened in my wisdom.

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