How to write a peer reviewed journal article summary

But what are peer-reviewed or refereed or scholarly journal articles, and why do faculty require their use?

How to write a peer reviewed journal article summary

The article should be no more than 5 years old.

Writing narrative literature reviews for peer-reviewed journals: secrets of the trade

Please follow the format located on the following page of this assignment. This assignment will serve as an introduction to scholarly journal articles. As a Speech-Language Pathologist it is imperative that you use the latest research to design effective methods to treat your clients.

After this assignment you should: Purpose of Study Specific reason for study Why is this study being done??

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Rationale for the Study Theory behind the study A. What led the author s to pursue the study? The authors think that oral reading fluency is a critical prerequisite to independent comprehension of text.

Unfortunately, oral reading fluency is frequently neglected by classroom who may feel pressed to spend more time working on comprehension tasks and not devote sufficient time to practicing oral reading of connected texts.

The authors think peer-mediated interventions i. Peer-mediated interventions have been shown to improve reading outcomes. Besides reducing the amount of direct instruction required by the teacher, peers are a readily available resource and have frequent contact with each other, making them a potential source of reinforcement.

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Contact with natural reinforcement contingencies such as pro-social peer interactions through a structured intervention may promote maintenance of intervention effects. Brief experimental analysis BEA has proven to be useful for selecting intervention components on an individualized basis.

Reading interventions selected based on BEA results have led to increased oral reading fluency when implemented by experimenters, teachers, parents, and even the students themselves.

Who were the subjects? Michelle was a 7-year-old first-grade Caucasian girl who had been referred for reading problems. She had no known psychoeducation- al diagnoses and received no intervention or special education services.

At the time of referral, Michelle was reading 11 correctly read words CRW per minute, compared to the class average of 66 CRW per minute.

How to Write a Journal Article Review APA Style | Pen and the Pad Find articles by Bart N.
4 tips for writing clinical paper summaries - HEALTH WRITER HUB Detailed feedback about statistics in a critical review Michael McCarthy says: This paper by Amrhein et al.
Popular Topics Comments One of the more valuable, if not overlooked, elements of resident education is the intellectual challenge associated with critically evaluating published research.
How to Cite Reading clinical research in medicine and science forms the foundation of your health writing. Your reading might be used to inform your health writing projects and articles, or for background to learn more about the health niche you work in.
Don’t forget tables and figures Take notes on a separate sheet for changes you will make to your own paper. Save your notes and those from your partner.

Three children in the same classroom were selected by the teacher to be peer tutors. Assessments conducted by the experimenter and reading intervention sessions conducted by tutors occurred in the classroom.

What were the subjects asked to do? Same-grade peers were trained to lead the target student Michelle through a structured intervention protocol based on the results of a brief experimental analysis C.

How was the study performed?

how to write a peer reviewed journal article summary

The teacher trained the tutors using explanations, modeling, and practice of the protocol. At the beginning of each week, the teacher prompted Michelle to choose a reading partner. Prior to each intervention session, the experimenter assessed Michelle using four of the six curriculum passages i.

The teacher then reminded the students of the contingency for performance improvements, provided the intervention checklist, and directed the students to begin.

Instructional steps included listening passage preview, repeated readings, and word supply error correction. What were the results of the study? The results reveal that performance increased including both improved CRW and reduction in errors following the introduction of peer tutoring across all passages.

A clear change in level was correlated with the introduction of the peer- mediated intervention for both CRW per minute increase in performance and errors per minute reduction in performance. The teacher observed fewer negative interactions e. The teacher also reported that the intervention was easy to supervise, required minimal time, and produced the desired effects.

Did the author s find what they thought they would find? Yes, I think the authors found that peer-delivered reading intervention can in fact improve the oral reading fluency of a child. How does do the author s explain the results??

Why did they, or did they not, find what they had expected? These results appear to augment the visible effects obtained with the intervention passages. The authors would argue that the results further strengthen the suggestion that measurement of generalized responding should become the standard of academic intervention studies.Purpose: To describe and discuss the processes used to write scholarly book reviews for publication in peer-reviewed journals and to provide a recommended strategy and book appraisal worksheet to use when conducting book reviews.

If you’re planning to write a summary of a published journal article from a peer-reviewed medical journal, you might consider these useful suggestions to help guide your writing.

Reading clinical research in medicine and science forms the foundation of your health writing. Peer-reviewed (refereed or scholarly) journals - Articles are written by experts and are reviewed by several other experts in the field before the article is published in the journal .

Peer Reviewed Article Summary Article 1 Optimizing adult development: Ends and means of an applied psychology of aging. This article focused on several different aspects that elderly people will experience as they age in comparison to other adults in younger age groups starting in their twenties and up%(21).

Writing peer-reviewed articles and understanding the publication process can be essential for a career in ophthalmology.

Conceiving a topic, executing the investigation and synthesizing the results can be an excellent complement to the weekly routine of clinic and surgery. Apr 09,  · NOTE: This video is aimed at students working on one specific "journal article summary" assignment in my classes.

So others may find it helpful, but please always keep in mind that different.

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