Fashions cost hidden and not so

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Fashions cost hidden and not so

The High Price of Fashion Why should a dress cost more than a car?

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By Josh Patner Photo: Fashion has never been more expensive, but conversations about that sort of thing take on far greater urgency outside fashion circles than they do inside the gilded bubble.

Luxury retailers say prices have risen 25 to 50 percent over the past five years. Is the price of being fashionable out of control? The prices quoted above are not from the invitation-only haute couture; they are ready-to-wear prices from the best department stores and boutiques.

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Fashions cost hidden and not so

We do, however, shop for clothes, and so the question is unavoidable: The question is reasonable. The answer, not particularly so. Less-lavish minds see things differently. Here is Thoreau, from Walden: If there is not a new man, how can the new clothes be made to fit? Vibrant fashion exists outside of morality.

Is it still worth the money? The cost-value ratio of being fashionable remains spidery. There is no one reason why fancy clothes cost what they cost. Globalization of status brands is another contributor. The regionally unique fashion find is a long-gone memory from the luxury-liner age.

That means that to some people, no price is too high for a hard-to-find, limited-edition dress or handbag. Not very satisfying answers. The frustrated fashion fanatic who loves to shop for a few new things each season is right to be frustrated.

But even hard numbers add up to no easy explanation.

Fashions cost hidden and not so

Some designers charge more than double and some stores charge more than double, and everyone makes money along the way.How your clothes are DESIGNED to fall apart: From dodgy stitching to cheap fabrics, today's fashions are made not to last - so you HAVE to buy more.

Mar 11,  · Chains like H&M and Forever 21 turn out new styles so quickly that they've been dubbed "fast fashion" retailers. While the stores reap big profits, many say the business model has hidden costs.

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SALE. Strut in the hottest styles at the lowest prices with our sale items. With dresses, tops, heels and boots in this season’s most gorgeous textures Hidden has you covered. We do, however, shop for clothes, and so the question is unavoidable: Why does a dinky little slip of a cocktail dress cost $2,?

The High Price of Fashion

The question is reasonable. The answer, not particularly so. In the article "Fashion's Cost, Hidden and Not So" by Liesl Shillinger it talks about how people usually focus on the price of the items they buy but they don't seem to focus on the quality of the product or where it was made.

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