Dina in chile

History[ edit ] The origins of the Carabiniers can be traced back to night watchmen such as the Dragones de la Reina Queen's Dragoons created in and later renamed the Dragoons of Chile in and other organizations that fulfilled functions such as the watch and local policing. However, the main problem with these police services was that they were dependent on local authorities for day-to-day decision making. This led to local officials abusing this power for their own political ends. The Carabinier Regiment was then a Chilean Army unit, thus the reason why the Carabiniers of today sport military ranks and insignia.

Dina in chile

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At first people lived by hunting and farming but in North Chile they were farming by 2, BC. However agriculture began much later in Southern Chile. The Incas conquered northern Chile in the 15th century but they were themselves conquered by the Spanish in However in the South were a people called the Araucanians.

However in the Mapuche, known to the Spaniards as Araucanians rebelled led by men called Lautro and Caupolican. They sacked the Spanish settlements except for Concepcion and la Serena. The Spaniards managed to regain control but the Araucanians continued to resist Spanish rule until the 19th century and there was frequent strife between them and the Spaniards.

Independent Chile

Despite that by the end of the 17th century the population of Chile was aboutand by the end of the 18th century it was nearlymost of whom were mestizos or people of mixed race.

He made his own brother, Joseph, king of Spain. So in Chile the leading citizens elected a junta in September They claimed they were ruling on behalf of the deposed king Ferdinand but they introduced a number of reforms and moved towards independence.

Dina in chile

However Peru remained loyal to Spain and went to war with Chile to bring her to heel. In October a royalist army defeated the Chileans and occupied Santiago. Meanwhile Napoleon had abdicated and the Spanish king had been restored. The king then clamped down on Chile and introduced a repressive regime, which simply alienated the people.

A man named Jose de San Martin led an army which defeated the royalists at Chabuco on 12 February Chile became formally independent from Spain on 12 February However the early years of independent Chile were troubled by political instability.

However in the Conservatives took power and introduced an authoritarian regime. They were led by Diego Portales who never became president himself but who nevertheless was very influential. In a new constitution for Chile was drawn up. There followed a long period of relative stability in Chile.

Dina in chile

There was also economic growth and the first railways were built. However after Chile was plunged into recession and exports of wheat, silver and copper dropped dramatically. Finally in war began between Chile on one side and Peru and Bolivia on the other.

For years Chile and Bolivia had a border dispute. Chile finally agreed to recognize the disputed territory as Bolivian as long as Bolivia did not increase export tax on Chilean nitrate companies operating there.

When Bolivia did raise the tax it led to war. Peru joined the war on Bolivia's side. In the Chileans captured the Hudascar Peru's greatest warship.This beautiful ornamental Chile variegates with green and purple foliage and purple blossoms The fruit ripens in a profuse rainbow of color: lavender, purple, bright yellow, orange, and finally to red, with all stages of color on the plant at once The fruits are 1", cone shaped, grow upright on ft.

plants. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHILE. By Tim Lambert. Early Chile. The first human beings arrived in Chile about 12, BC. At first people lived by hunting and farming but in North Chile . The Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional (English: National Intelligence Directorate) or DINA was the Chilean secret police in the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, and has been called Pinochet's pfmlures.comd: Nov, pfmlures.com - the best free porn videos on internet, % free.

On September 11, , the right-wing military junta of Augusto Pinochet seized power in Chile, toppling the socialist government of Salvador Allende in a bloody coup that left the former president dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

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