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Coursework for architect

Property Management Site Due Diligence Site due diligence is a process common to all of our projects and typically includes a broad range of project entitlement activities. We are especially proud of our project approval success rate that spans an exceptional range of project types—from mixed-use development to commercial and multi-family residential—to both urban and suburban locations requiring either new construction or restoration and reuse of existing structures.

Many of our projects have required substantial re-zoning effort, and many others have required specialized analyses and management of, for example, historic preservation and archaeological analyses, detailed security studies, or a waterfront approvals and redevelopment process.

Please refer to other services for our project-specific experience in these areas. We have done so in the varied stages of the real estate cycle and in both good and bad economic times.

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The principals have raised both equity and debt. Equity has sometimes come from internal capital and has also been raised from third parties, both private and institutional.

The debt for our projects has been provided by banks, institutional lenders such as insurance companies and pension fundspublic bond issues, certificates of participation and government insured mortgages.

We have taken many paths to reducing project capital cost—for example, using tax credits on some projects and public grants on others.

In every instance our goal is to provide the lowest cost and most efficient capital, ensuring both initial delivery and long term viability of the project. The Phoenix, Philadelphia, PA: Our success can be attributed to a very knowledgeable and senior staff many with LEED accreditationwho can quickly chart a path to achieving design phase certification, then follow with demonstrated success in the complicated construction phase audit process.

Site Environmental Analyses Site environmental analyses are typically part of due diligence on all of our projects, in large part because most of our portfolio is situated on previously developed property. Working with our sister company KEM and others, we have overseen many forms of site remediation work that are required by state and local agencies as a condition of redevelopment.

Remediation activities have included, for example, removal of contaminated soil, abatement of asbestos and, in certain instances, encapsulation of contamination that will allow for redevelopment of a site. Our work has also included the development of storm water management plans that meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

Some examples of this work include: Our experience is rooted in the long history of the Keating Organization servicing the needs of public institutions. These relationships continue to this day.

With each project we began with the question of how to deliver the project at the least cost of occupancy to our client, always working within their specific constraints. KMS has the experience and skills to answer this question and has consistently demonstrated an ability to work collaboratively with public partners.

Entity Structuring Each development project brings a unique set of challenges: These challenges create risk. Furthermore, each project offers a unique set of participants with varying appetites for and ability to assume risk, particularly in the case of public partners.

The principals have used entity structuring to limit the risks on projects and assign these risks to the parties who can and should bear those risks. Our engagement in this process has led to unique credit lease structures that have navigated federal leasing constraints, Congressional approvals and the limitations on public borrowing.

These structures have also addressed the specific requirements of pension funds and municipal entities, as well as the needs of project users through capital and operating leases.

We are particularly proud of an often-demonstrated ability to craft lease structures that meet the needs of our partners, matching their tolerance for risk with their role in the project. The Phoenix at Clarendon: The work can take the form of conceptual plans that internally, allow us to develop a preliminary understanding of the range of options for property development.

The analyses have addressed many types of development, from plans for large tracts of land to proposals for redevelopment of a building. Many have represented the potential for mixed-use development that includes multi-family residential, retail and office space; others illustrate concepts for courthouses and government office buildings; and still others address hospitality and gaming opportunities.

Visit the Keating RHA site for examples of these analyses. Civic Engagement This service encompasses the many ways in which the company has worked with local groups to develop a project that successfully meets both client and broader community needs. Our approach to this work is always defined by the specific requirements of the projects and interests of the community; it has, for example, included community forums to discuss project alternatives, design charrettes and regularly scheduled project reviews that are part of a more structured review and approvals process.

Examples of this engagement process include: Catto School, Camden, NJ: The company conducted dozens of official meeting s with the community, but also arranged countless smaller forums with focus on specific community issues ranging from traffic, archaeology and waterfront development approvals to jobs creation and formation of a community service district with long term support from the casino.

Historic Preservation Analyses Our work on United States Postal Service USPS and other historic properties has produced a broad portfolio of experience that addresses the disposition of historic structures spanning much of the past twenty years. Many of these structures are community icons and most of them have been the subject of a Section assessment that we have often directed on behalf of the USPS.

Our work on USPS and other historic properties has produced consistently successful project results that have satisfied the stringent requirement of State Historic Preservation Offices across the country six states. We are proud of this record…it illustrates the potential to match historic preservation objectives with sound economic development.About.

KMS Development Partners may be a new name, but it’s founded on the values and entrepreneurial spirit that have guided three highly accomplished individuals—Dan Keating, III, Dennis Martin and Mike Sencindiver. CNA Center is a ft ( m), story high-rise building located at South Wabash Avenue in the central business district of Chicago, Illinois.

W. Clay Richardson is a software consultant concentrating on agile Java Solutions for highly specialized business has fielded many Java solutions, serving in roles including senior architect, development lead, and program manager.

He is a co-author of More Java Pitfalls and Professional Portal Development with Open Source Tools (Wiley), and Professional Java, JDK 5 Edition. Schindler offers courses approved for credit from the American Institute of Architects' (AIA) Continuing Education System (CES).

In , Pacific Systems Interiors, Inc. (PSI) was founded as a subcontractor specializing in electrical and luminous ceiling systems. With the goal of becoming a premier contractor in Southern California, in the ’s we began focusing our efforts on wall and ceilings systems. Novità is a marketing and communications agency devoted to the design and architecture community.

We are creative connectors, strategists, and .

Coursework for architect
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