Bim part essay

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Bim part essay

AutoCAD has been around since the 's and since it's introduction has eventually become ingrained in the DNA of most design firms and offices and has become an integral part of the day-to-day activities of the design process. It was almost 20 years later that Revit was introduced to the public.

It's acceptance in the design and construction industry was a gradual one but overtime more and more professionals began making the transition or included Revit in their workflow. Not everyone was on board, however.

Bim part essay

Imagine after years Bim part essay years of projects all the documentation standards, block libraries and even the comfort of using a tool you've used for years, would you be able to put down your favorite application that's been tried and tested, for a newer shinier tool?

This was, and is the dilemma for a lot of professionals when it comes to new technology. This article will give you some insight to the similarities and differences between the two powerful design tools so you can decide where you want to draw your lines; AutoCAD, Revit or both?

Let's begin with what makes them similar. Similarities When it comes to similarities, there are three main topics to discuss; 2D, 3D and Rendering. There may be slight differences on how they're presented graphically but essentially the end result is the same. With both you can generate a set of construction documents.

In addition to the common 2D drawings and plans, both can be used to create 3D models and objects, which is extremely helpful in the design process as well as for presentations.

Although, the user interface and tools differ slightly, the end result is the same. A tool for 3D modeling. Lastly, you can quickly create rendered images using both types of software.

The great thing about this feature for both tools is you don't necessarily have to be a rendering expert to use the tools. Differences When it comes to the differences between the two, it can be summed up into one acronym, BIM or Building Information Modeling.

Bim part essay

Long story short, with AutoCAD you're using lines to create basic geometry that represents real life objects.

With Revit you're using geometry that's equipped with real life information. In addition to that, with Revit while you're working in one view like a floor plan, other views are automatically being generated as well, like an elevation for example. The same goes for when you're making changes.

A change in one view will automatically be reflected in other views as well. A good way to look at the benefits of each tool is AutoCAD is great for 2D drawingwhere only precise line work is needed, such as elevation detail drawings.

Revit is great for modelinggenerating cost schedules, collaboration and change management. In the industry of design and construction, competition is fierce. Especially when it comes to getting your first job or to have your bid selected for a project. Mastering both Revit and AutoCAD can give you an edge both in the job market as well as project management in the field.

Both applications currently have their place in the design process and construction industry, and putting all your eggs in one basket might not be a wise decision.

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COBie is not what you think it is But it is only a small part of BIM, a small part of the whole process of establishing, building and operating facilities. Part of this seems to be coming from the UK and the furore to understand what they call "Level 2 BIM". But we see it here in Australia as well.

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The building features a step-up façade laced with more than 50, plants. The roof is part of a huge 1 million square foot building that features office space, shops, theater and museum.

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