An argument in favor of prime ministers article on the readiness of canadian army to join the war ag

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Everything else in this case, however dramatic, however sordid, however shocking and revolting to the common instinct of civilized peoples, is incidental or subordinate to, the fact of aggressive war. All the dramatic story of what went on in Germany in the early phases of the conspiracy-the ideologies used, the techniques of terror used, the suppressions of human freedom employed in the seizure of power, and even the concentration camps and the crimes against humanity, the persecutions, tortures and murders committed-all these things would have had little international juridical significance except for the fact that they were the preparation for the commission of aggressions against peaceful neighboring peoples.

Even the aspects of the case involving "war crimes" in the strict sense are merely the inevitable, proximate result of the wars of aggression launched and waged by these conspirators, and of the kind of warfare they waged.

It was total war, the natural result of the totalitarian party-dominated state that waged it; it was atrocious war, the natural result of the doctrines, designs and purposes of the Nazi conspirators.

Statement by the Prime Minister on Korean War Veterans Day | Prime Minister of Canada

The substantive rule of law which is controlling on this part of the case is stated in Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, which, so far as is pertinent here, reads as follows: The Tribunal established by the Agreement referred to in Article 1 hereof for the trial and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis countries shall have the power to try and punish persons who, acting in the interests of the European Axis countries, either as individuals or as members of organizations, committed any of the following crimes.

It is sufficient to show that a defendant was a leader, an organizer, instigator, or accomplice who participated either in the formulation or in the execution of a common plan or conspiracy to commit crimes against peace.

In this connection, the Charter declares that the responsibility of conspirators extends not only to their own acts but also to all acts performed by any persons in execution of the conspiracy. It is familiar law in the United States that if two or more persons set out to rob a bank in accordance with a criminal scheme to that end, and in the course of carrying out their scheme one of the conspirators commits the crime of murder, all the participants in the planning and execution of the bank robbery are guilty of murder, whether or not they had any other personal participation in the killing.

All the parties to a common plan or conspiracy are the agents of each other and each is responsible as principal for the acts of all the others as his agents.

The documentary evidence assembled on this aggressive war aspect of the case will show the following: The critical period between the Nazi seizure of power and the initiation of the first war of aggression was very short.

This critical period of illegal preparation and scheming, which ultimately set the whole world aflame, covered 6 years, from to Crowded into these 6 short years is the making of tragedy for mankind. A full understanding of these 6 years, and the 6 years of war that followed, requires that this period be divided into phases that reflect the development and execution of the Nazi master plan.

These phases may be said to be six. The first was primarily preparatory, although it did involve overt acts. That phase covers roughly the period from to In that period the Nazi conspirators, having acquired government control of Germany by the middle ofturned their attention toward utilization of that control for foreign aggression.

Their plan at this stage was to acquire military strength and political bargaining power to be used against other nations. In this they succeeded. The second phase of their aggression was shorter. As the conspiracy gained strength it gained speed.

An argument in favor of prime ministers article on the readiness of canadian army to join the war ag

During each phase the conspirators succeeded in accomplishing more and more in less and less time until toward the end of the period, the rate of acceleration of their conspiratorial movement was enormous.

The second phase of their utilization of control for foreign aggression involved the actual seizure and absorption of Austria and Czechoslovakia, in that order. By March they had succeeded in this phase.

The third phase may be measured in months rather than years, from March to September The previous aggression being successful and having been consummated without the necessity of resorting to actual war, the conspirators had obtained much desired resources and bases and were ready to undertake further aggressions by means of war, if necessary.

By September war was upon the world. The fourth phase of the aggression consisted of expanding the war into a general European war of aggression.

By April the war which had theretofore involved Poland, the United Kingdom, and France, had been expanded by invasions into Scandinavia and into the Low Countries and into the Balkans. In the next phase the Nazi conspirators carried the war eastward by invasion of the territory of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The sixth phase consisted of collaboration with and instigation of their Pacific ally, Japan, and precipitated the attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor. The essential elements of the crime of aggressive war can be made out by a mere handful of captured German documents.

These documents will leave no reasonable doubt concerning the aggressive character of the Nazi war or concerning the conspiratorial premeditation of that war. After the corpus of the crime has been demonstrated in this way, the documentary evidence will be discussed in subsequent sections, in a more or less chronological and detailed presentation of the relevant activities of the conspirators from to Each of the ten documents which will be discussed in this section has been selected to establish the basic facts concerning a particular phase of the development of the Nazi conspiracy for aggression.

Each document has met three standards of selection: The period of to was characterized by an orderly, planned sequence of preparation for war.

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The essential objective of this period was the formulation and execution of the plan to re-arm and re-occupy and fortify the Rhineland, in violation of the treaty of Versailles and other treaties, in order to acquire military strength and political bargaining powers to be used against other nations.

The report of the speech was found in the OKW files captured at Flensberg.The "AG" is Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. The orginal of the memorandum of conversation at the LBJ Library is dated January 25, but other evidence that has come to light indicates that the meeting took place on Sunday, January The Texarkana Gazette is the premier source for local news and sports in Texarkana and the surrounding Arklatex areas.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is organized under the authority of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act. In accordance with the Act, it is headed by the Commissioner, who, under the direction of the Minister of Public Safety, has the control and management of the Force and all matters connected December 1, The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Korean War Veterans Day:“Today, we remember the brave members of the army, navy and air forces who fought so valiantly, and sacrificed so greatly, during the Korean War.

An argument in favor of prime ministers article on the readiness of canadian army to join the war ag

Bonar Law Bonar Law, prime minister of Great Britain from October 23, , to May 20, , the first holder of that office to come from a British overseas possession. He was the leader of the Conservative Party during the periods –21 and – Public Opinion and National Prestige: The Politics of Canadian Army Participation to the Invasion of Sicily, – Brandey Barton Canada’s conservative prime minister during the First World War, had in demanded a Canadian voice in British strategy, the price had.

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